• Aspire School, an Excellent Learning Environment in Paphos


Welcome to ASPIRE Private British School
– where your children
will be inspired to
develop aspirations
for their future. I am
a firm believer in
education and the
power it has to change
individuals’ lives.


Please come and visit us at ASPIRE  Private British School.
I look forward to welcoming you.

Sharon Hadjiyiakoumi

Throughout my career in educational leadership I have held a number of positions: Subject Coordinator,
Head of Department, Assessment Associate, Assistant Principal, Principal but most fulfilling of all – Teacher! My professional experience, working across the primary and secondary key stages in the United Kingdom and also in international schools in Cyprus, has provided
me with a wealth of experience
and vitality which I believe is the cornerstone of our school.

My vision is to offer quality education in accordance with the British
National Curriculum through effective and consistent teaching; a brand new premises with high-quality and


up-to-date resources; a constructive and innovative learning environment promoted through positive reinforcement; clear guidelines and
a policy of respect and toleration for one another as global citizens.

As a School of Excellence, ASPIRE
Private British School operates
and will continue to operate a
limited intake policy because I am committed to giving personal care
and attention to each and every
child. I want them to embrace ASPIRE’S unique ethos and adopt
it as their own.

My aim is to monitor every heartbeat of every child; to understand their inner thoughts and nurture and guide

their aspirations. I know that a selective environment is the way to achieve this and for this reason ASPIRE Private British School will remain a school where each
and every individual counts.

Education is the greatest gift we give to our children and is the
key to their future and to their very identity. I believe that every child has the right to an education that is stimulating, effective and inspirational.

ASPIRE offers all of this and more.

  • Aspire School Vision