• Aspire School Subject Overview


The Aspire, Private
British School
programme follows
the British National
Curriculum and consists
of the subjects shown in
the table below.

At Aspire we encourage, develop
and celebrate students’
understanding and participation in
the local culture and traditions.
The study of the Greek language as
a subject is central to this theme
and lessons are provided at varying
levels so that native Greek students,
as well as students who adopt
Greek as a further language, are all
given ample opportunity to progress
at their own level. Living in Cyprus
offers the perfect opportunity to
practise the Greek language and
many students are amazed at how
quickly their language skills develop.

An additional language to GCSE
level is something that many
universities see in a very favourable
light and we encourage students
who are capable of GCSE and later
AS and A2 level Greek to take these
qualifications at an early stage.

  • Aspire School Curriculum