Primary School

In Key Stage 2 (Years 3,
4, 5 and 6) the children
are encouraged to
stretch themselves
and enjoy the
challenges of the
expanding curriculum.

We promote the individual talents
and skills of every child, providing support, challenge and celebration
along the way.

Primary school is a very special
time for children and we aim to
make these school years as
rewarding and memorable as
possible. Experienced class
teachers provide the caring pastoral support and are able to stretch and support each child throughout the
school day.

Regular assessment and reporting
forms part of the curriculum and
we carefully monitor their progress
so that each child achieves their potential.

From Year 3 upwards, we offer a
wide range of after-school clubs including sports, drama, debating,
school magazine, gardening,
cookery, debating and much more.

Trips, plays, sponsored charity
events, residential camps, internal

school, national and international competitions, challenges and
memorial days all add flavour
and interest to the primary
curriculum ensuring the children’s interest is harnessed.

A variety of annual awards
encourage the students to strive
for their goals; awards are

presented for the following
categories at various ages:

  • Attainment Award
  • The Endeavour Cup
  • The Consideration Cup
  • Life and Soul Award
  • Sportsperson of the Year Award

By the end of Key Stage 2 children
are well-prepared and eager for their transition to secondary school.

  • Aspire School - Primary School