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Secondary School

Students face significant
personal and academic
challenges as they
commence their final
years of formal schooling.
These years are a test
of character as students
strive to achieve their
full academic potential
with the support of the
teaching staff at Aspire
Private British School.


In Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)
students are introduced to further curriculum subjects and are taught
by subject specialists in each area.

A strong pastoral support system remains in place for students
with their form tutor ensuring
continuity and consistency
throughout their studies.

Students are given plenty of opportunities to display their
talents and interests in a variety
of ways both inside and outside
the classroom. They are also
given increasing responsibility
for their own learning through investigative projects and
challenging assignments.

Key Stage 3 is completed with
teachers offering career guidance
and support for students in Year 9
as they choose which options they
would like to continue with in Key
Stage 4 to GCSE level – again
ensuring the transition is smooth
and choices are well-informed.


In Years 10 and 11 students work towards important external
qualifications – GCSEs and IGCSEs. Mathematics, English and Science
are compulsory subjects and
the students also choose other
subject options providing them
with a wide range of external qualifications at the end of their
Year 11 studies.

A wider variety of subject choices
are available with purpose built
facilities catering for a range of
interests. Students can follow an academic path whilst also adding
more creative and practical
subjects to their choices.

These internationally recognised qualifications form the basis for
further study in Years 12 and 13
(offered at Aspire from September
2015) when they will work towards
GCE A level qualifications leading
to university entrance.

High expectations are expected and students receive incentives and

support in their efforts leading to impressive results.

In secondary school students are increasingly expected to take responsibility and are encouraged
to join in all aspects of school life. Residential trips both at national
and international level are offered, opportunities to partake in artistic, sporting and academic
competitions are available ensuring students are challenged and
inspired to take up vital roles
within the school community.

For both Key Stage 3 and 4 there
are a wider selection of clubs
including academic options that
become available, these include
the after school library study
facility and the International Duke
of Edinburgh Award (See Beyond Boundaries section within this
website for more details).

Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers,
motivated students and
enthusiastic parents with high expectations. This commitment continues with our extensive
careers guidance and UCAS
application support which gives
full guidance and assistance at
every stage of the UK university application procedure.

A list of subjects that can be
studied at both Key Stage 3
and 4 can be found within
Our Curriculum under Subject Overview please view to discover
the range of subjects available
for your child to study.

We would encourage you to visit Aspire Private British School to
discuss further the details of
school life as a secondary student.

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