• Aspire Centre of Excellence

As a School of Excellence, literacy and numeracy form the heart of our teaching programme.

We believe that a firm
grasp of the key skills in
English and Mathematics
allows students to develop
and excel in all other
foundation subjects.

Literacy skills such as reading, researching, comprehension, using inference and effective oral and
written communication skills are
the best tools to understanding and approaching all other subjects such
as History, Geography, ICT and
many more.

Similarly, mathematical skills can
be applied in subjects such as
Chemistry, Physics and Economics
to further enhance a student’s capabilities in these areas.

For this reason our timetable puts
great emphasis on the core
subjects of Mathematics and
English, which also incorporates

English Literature where the
students begin to look critically at
all forms of literature - from poetry
to novels and play scripts -
allowing them to appreciate the
writer’s craft and enrich their own
writing skills from a young age.

As teachers, we are all fully
committed to developing the
students as individuals through
positive reinforcement whenever
and wherever possible. It is
important that strengths and talents
are recognised, praised and
developed in order for each child
to feel valued and motivated. It is
also important that areas for development are identified,

considered and addressed so that
each child can progress to their full potential across the curriculum.

Our small class sizes allow
teachers the time and opportunity
to really focus on students’
individual requirements. Our wide
range of interactive whiteboard resources, ICT facilities and
practical science laboratory
equipment allow the children to
learn through experience and
interaction - a modern approach
to teaching prepares our students
for a modern world!

We recognise the importance of the development of the holistic child
and believe that our new dance
studio area, sports facilities, library
and Art, Design and Technology
suite enable the students to excel
in their own particular fields of
creative interests.

Every child is given the opportunity
and encouraged to follow their own diverse path according to their
interests and strengths.

  • Aspire School Centre of Excellence