• Aspire working with parents at the School

The Parental Partnership

We welcome and promote parental involvement in each child’s education and personal development.

We are keen to advocate this partnership as studies have shown that parental involvement and interest in a child’s education boosts results, encourages a positive attitude to learning and increases the likelihood of a student progressing to higher education.

Contact with parents is ensured in the following ways:

  • Open lines of communication
  • Consistent contact through the student diary for parents
    and teachers
  • Informative assessments and feedback to students & parents
  • Termly reports and parents’ afternoons

Students are issued with a
homework timetable and we ask
that parents assist with this by

ensuring that their children
complete these tasks helping them
to develop the invaluable skill of
time management. We believe that homework should take the form of extension and/or consolidation
thereby reinforcing, revising
and extending concepts that have
been covered in lessons.

Parents and students are expected
to support us in the application of
our uniform policy and dress code
which can be viewed on this
website. We believe that the

uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos, setting
an appropriate tone, instilling pride, supporting positive behaviour and discipline and protecting children
from social pressures to dress in
a particular way. A smart uniform nurtures cohesion and prepares
students for future expectations
in the working world.

ASPIRE Private British School
has effective policies and rules
that we ask students and parents
to sign up to on registration.
These promote the ethos and
values of ASPIRE Private British
School and ensure that all
members of our community feel
safe and comfortable in their
learning environment.

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