• Aspire School Resources

We are extremely proud of our new spacious premises but, more importantly, ASPIRE Private British School prides itself on the quality of teaching and therefore learning taking place within our classrooms. Our aim is to provide excellence, enthusiasm, experience and most importantly consistency in our teaching staff.

Our teachers are dedicated to delivering the curriculum through
a variety of teaching techniques.
As professionals we are fully aware that every child has his or her own individual style of learning and therefore it makes sense that
various methods are adopted by
our staff to promote enthusiasm
and understanding in all subjects.

Special consideration has been
given during the formation of
the school to include the most
modern technology which can
be utilised by staff and students to promote effective learning.

The school’s resources include
a range of mobile computer

technology in the form of laptops
and tablets, an ICT suite allowing individual computer access during
ICT lessons together with communication opportunities
through a safe online environment, and interactive whiteboard
technology comprising of software packages designed specifically for
the National Curriculum.

The school’s practical science laboratory and equipment are designed to Ministry of Education guidelines and foster an
investigative approach to the all important Sciences. The Art,
Design and Technology suite simultaneously develops the
students’ creative and practical

characteristics in a highly
productive environment.

Our library is central to our
belief that all children should be encouraged to become life-long readers.

They are inspired to embrace independent learning as a way of gradually preparing them for further and higher education. Throughout their education, the students are asked to take increasing
responsibility for their own


progression through teachers’
setting of tasks and assignments. Whilst students will be expected to complete some of their work as homework assignments, our library offers the ideal place for students
to research, study and also relax.
Our library boasts a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books comprising of selections of poetry
and plays, a Classics collection and works by the British National Curriculum recommended authors.

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