• Duke of Edinburgh Award at Aspire School

In addition to their
academic studies our
students are also
presented with
opportunities to take
part in various activities
throughout the
academic year.


  • Drama Events and Presentations
  • House Competitions and Quizzes
  • Open Evenings
  • Cultural Events
  • Educational Day Trips
  • National and International
    Residential Trips
  • Environmental Activities
  • Debates & Public Speaking

After school clubs are also an
essential part of a child’s experience. These are offered from 2.00pm – 3.00pm and offer our students an opportunity to try something a little more specialised in a relaxed environment. Activities are regularly updated and students are
encouraged to request clubs and activities they would like to try.

ASPIRE Private British School is
an Independent Operator of the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which we
encourage the students to enter
when they reach the qualifying
age of 14.

The Duke of Edinburgh scheme
has four sections:

1. Service - Encourages service
to others

2. Expedition - Encourages the
spirit of adventure and discovery

3. Skills - Develops a new interest

4. Physical Recreation
- Encourages participation in a
particular sport

During the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award the students
become involved in various
projects which offer service to the
local community whilst learning to
work as a team and for the good
of others.

The third and fourth section of the programme are encouraged
and monitored by ASPIRE but the students perform these activities externally. These may well be
activities that your child already
attends e.g. football, piano, ballet, karate. This allows every child

to develop their particular interest
and skill. There are plenty of opportunities for students to demonstrate both their creativity
and originality.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s
International Award is greatly encouraged by the teachers as a
means of developing the whole
child by celebrating individuals’
interests and diversity. It is also
an internationally renowned
qualification that carries great
weight on a student’s university application or CV.

  • International Duke of Edinburgh Award at Aspire School